this project is a theoretical work about the integration of awareness in design.
it deals with the cause and effect of objects. "Sustainable Design" - This term
will apply to the period of growing ecological and economic crisis, more and more
use, he appears in numerous publications including the "Green Design" or "eco de-
sign '. However, the question arises whether there is not much more behind the
loading reached the sustainability hides as a new, more efficient and intelligent
use of resources. Considering the two terms separately design and sustainability,
and defines its essential elements, you can see very quickly that the design of new
facilities and sustainability seem contrary. While sustainability focuses on long-
term stability and continuity of products, attempts to design these products to re-
place it with new directions and innovations. This is not basically wrong. However,
many of these new developments is more apparent than his, they should give the impres-
sion old products to be superior to the detachment. However, whether the benefits of
this innovation to the immense effort of the development and production requirements
is not decisive. What matters is the resulting increase in sales. Sustainable design
should aim to put products to question more closely. Products should only be modified
ifthey remain viable for the future because, durable and reliable. It should help the
consumer to more awareness in their purchasing decisions. Sustainable design should
focus on its social role.


(google translation) - The english name of the brand is derived from livestock. Farmer
A and farmer B branded their cattle to distinguish it from each other. This principle
was also used by the industrial society. The products of most manufacturers were similar
so that they could be distinguished only by a trademark. Also problematic was the surplus
of products. The result of an unplanned wake stumskults for which counts only the mass.
This caused so much chaos and disorder that hardly anyone could still make the right de-
cision. In order to gain a competitive advantage in this chaos we had the idea to refresh
its products with intangible values. The brand has been so for us to much more than a
distinctive symbol for products. The different attributes of a brand became the flagship
of our personality. We do not buy the product but the image that we hope for a result.
We buy values. As a result, the people are more attracted to brand themselves as to their
products. The products are hereby brands are becoming less relevant and more important.
More recently companies are investing more in the communication of a brand than for de-
velopment and development of new products. ("Value Adding") innovations occur less fre-
quently in the research, but in skillful advertising texts of marketing. We buy products in
order to charge us with values, was not always like this? The own property has always been
a kind of mirror of our personality. The objects around us define us and connect with div-
erse values "Clothes make the man." These are, but mainly for material values. While our
grandparents bought things for life we are reinventing ourselves every day, you remain true
to themselves no identity. It is consumed on the current emotional state or stage of life.
It focuses on current behavior,thought patterns and values, which are tracked by the
marketing set. We buy products mainly because of its brand image and its message. This pro-
duct is less and less capable of long-term, intensive relationship building to her owner.
This creates a huge consumption and disposable behavior. Why we do not listen to us to
define purchased by values? Can not we try to identify our own values and konktetisieren to
represent these values through our actions and our communitation? An interesting thought
experiment is the resulting consequence.We will even to the mark. This statement is bizar,
but in a world in the year 450 billion U.S. dollars for advertising, manipulation and the
influence of investment from consumers not unusual. It is heard more and more difficult but
also important to themselves, act to direct his conscious and to compete with his own
personality on the market.