this project is a theoretical work about the integration of awareness in design.
it deals with the cause and effect of objects. "Sustainable Design" - This term
will apply to the period of growing ecological and economic crisis, more and more
use, he appears in numerous publications including the "Green Design" or "eco de-
sign '. However, the question arises whether there is not much more behind the
loading reached the sustainability hides as a new, more efficient and intelligent
use of resources. Considering the two terms separately design and sustainability,
and defines its essential elements, you can see very quickly that the design of new
facilities and sustainability seem contrary. While sustainability focuses on long-
term stability and continuity of products, attempts to design these products to re-
place it with new directions and innovations. This is not basically wrong. However,
many of these new developments is more apparent than his, they should give the impres-
sion old products to be superior to the detachment. However, whether the benefits of
this innovation to the immense effort of the development and production requirements
is not decisive. What matters is the resulting increase in sales. Sustainable design
should aim to put products to question more closely. Products should only be modified
ifthey remain viable for the future because, durable and reliable. It should help the
consumer to more awareness in their purchasing decisions. Sustainable design should
focus on its social role.


(google translation) - The focus is the analysis of the consumers. Here is received on
the grounds of the current consumption patterns. How are individual products valued
in our society? How do consumers deal with this? Why products are perpetually replaced
bynew ones? How products contribute to our environment? Why do we define ourselves
through it? The analysis should not be seen as a scientific work in the usual sense.
Scientific work largely isolated certain phenomena and attempts to deal specifically.
In my work, just as in the design, which is hardly possible. Design is by many interre-
lated and complex interactions and was dealing with a large possible range. So it
should come by my analysis on any final product. The work should cover "ex vivo" and also
help individual definitions to a better understanding of products and their environment.
The task of this project is to design products that should be able to build a strong
bond with the consumer. You should communicate to the analysis of psychological patterns
of behavior with the consumer in a certain way.