A brand-specific analysis of braun. Analysing the central content of the
design values (of the founding fathers Artur and Erwin braun) and transferring
this results to the current company system. Braun is undoubtedly one of the
most important companies in the international design history. The company is a
pioneer for a successful integration of product design in the development process.

What has become of it? How has the brand developed? How do we see it today?
Do the current products still consider the notion of the brothers Erwin and Artur
Braun? The study of the evolution of specific product groups will lead us from
the company's founding up to the brown-products of today. The fundamental change
"From Brown to Pink" is understood not only by us but will be also questioned: was
this change a necessity, due to a mixture of spirit of the age, economic measures
and personal decisions? Or was it rather the result of a gradual shift away from
original values and principles illustrated in many small (mis-) steps in the
product development? What action and design does all of these points? How would Braun
look today, if the old "business principles" would have been applied consistently?
What is the relevance of the original values under present conditions?




Collection Samples

S50 - (1950)

300 de Luxe - Arthur Braun (1955)

300 special DL3 (1955)

S60 - Gerd Alfred Müller (1960)

cassett - Florian Seiffert (1970)

micron - Roland Ullmann (1976)

micron vario 3 universal - Roland-Ullmann (1985)

Flex Integral 5005 - Roland Ullmann (1995)

2540 universal - Roland Ullmann (1994)

Series 1 150

pocket go 550

exact 6 universal

FreeGlider 6680 - Roland Ullmann (2002)

ladyshaver - Florian Seiffert (1971)

Silk-épil Easy Start Solo 5270

HLD 4 - Dieter Rams (1970)

HLD5 - Reinhold Weiss/Jürgen Greubel/Ullrich Haase (1972)

HLD 1000 - Jürgen Greubel (1975)

PGI mobil 1200 - Heinz Ullrich Haase (1982)

PSK silencio 1200 - Robert Oberheim (1982)

B 1200 swing 1200 - Till Winkler (1999)



Case Study

a hairdryer and

shaver study

based on a system with different options

with induction recharge like the braun oral-b

combined in a product family.


Case Study detailed